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It's Caprice's last day before going back home and has an encounter with a wealthy man that decides to treat her to a night she will never forget.
  • Release Date March 15, 2019
  • Length 34:43
  • Pics 66
Maya is an up and coming r&b singer and has a crush on the record executive that discovered her. They have a close working relationship and she wants to thank him for grooming her.
  • Release Date March 10, 2019
  • Length 36:20
  • Pics 74
Naomi is living with her older sister, Catherine and her live-in boyfriend, brad, for a few months while she is waiting for her dorm room to be ready. Things are going well at first... That is until Naomi starts to develop feelings for brad. After using his computer and getting an insight into his interests, Naomi springs into action to get
  • Release Date March 5, 2019
  • Length 39:07
  • Pics 48
Evelyn's roommate Jade always has a new man on the scene, and her latest mate is certainly not happy with what Jade wants to do - namely involve other people in their relationship. That is, until he meets Evelyn. She doesn't really know why she goes along with these games, but Jade has such great taste in men, that it is so easy to play along. Can they encourage him to try it just this once?
  • Release Date February 28, 2019
  • Length 55:52
  • Pics 80
Gia is on vacation alone - she's never done it before, but she's so glad she went through with it. Being on her own, there is plenty of time to make someone jealous - namely the person who has caused her to be on vacation alone in the first place. After meeting a hot guy by the pool, she decides that a few selfies might help along the way - with maybe just a little more action to remember, too.
  • Release Date February 23, 2019
  • Length 31:46
  • Pics 69